China… a health alert to fight the Coronavirus “Delta”


On Monday, China began strengthening its health measures to contain a new outbreak of the fast-spreading “delta” virus from the Coronavirus.


And the Chinese National Health Committee, “NHC,” announced in a statement that 94 cases of the virus had been recorded during the past 24 hours, which is the highest daily infection toll since last January.

The central province of Henan recorded 41 cases, while 38 cases were confirmed in the eastern “Jiangsu” province, the epicenter of the latest virus outbreak in China.

The Chinese daily “Global Times” reported that the health authorities in “Jiangsu” sent 4 thousand and 50 personnel to strengthen the fight against Corona.

Especially in hard-hit Yangzhou, the number of confirmed local cases has reached 346 to date, including 6 critical cases and 23 serious cases.


And in Wuhan, the starting point of the global outbreak of corona in late 2019, the authorities conducted tests to detect the virus.

And it was for more than 11 million residents, and it happened last week after discovering new cases of infection in the city, according to the same source.

The “Global Times” quoted Gao Qiang, the country’s former Minister of Health, as saying that “Beijing’s measures to combat the virus are a dual strategy.

It combines close control of the epidemic and vaccination on a large scale, rather than just trying to achieve herd immunity.”

In the same context, the local authorities announced the dispatch of mobile buses for vaccination in several areas, including the town of “Sido” in “Hengyang” county in “Hunan” province (central).

To facilitate vaccination for the population in rural areas, according to the local “Xinhua” agency.


As of Monday afternoon, the total number of HIV cases in China reached 93,826, including 4,636 deaths, according to the Chinese National Health Commission.

It also prompted the recent outbreak of the highly contagious Delta strain.

Which has spread around the world since it was first discovered in India, Chinese authorities have taken strict measures, including imposing restrictions on travel and academic activities.