Celik criticizes opposition to Turkey’s anti-terror operations


Spokesman for Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, Omer Celik, criticized some allied countries’ rejection of Turkey’s anti-terror operations.

This came in a press conference held on Tuesday after the meeting of the Administration and Central Decision Committee of the Justice and Development Party, headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the capital, Ankara.


“Whenever Turkey takes a new step in the fight against terrorism or plans a new operation, some of the allies, the democratic ones in particular, are concerned,” Celik said.

He added, “We did not understand the source of their concerns until today. On the contrary, they should support our operations against terrorism because they contribute to ensuring the future of democracy and the world.”

And the US State Department recently announced that its country has done everything it can to discourage Ankara from a possible military operation in northern Syria, noting that Turkey will not back down from its position.


Barbara Leaf, Deputy Adviser of the US State Department, expressed concern about the possible Turkish operation in Syria, noting that they are in talks with Ankara to prevent the possible operation.

In turn, Dana Stroul, deputy Middle East policy adviser at the US Department of Defense, expressed concern about the possible Turkish operation.

She added that the United States acknowledges Ankara’s legitimate security concerns and informs all parties of the need to de-escalate.


In a recent party meeting, President Erdogan said that Turkey is moving to a new stage regarding its decision to establish a safe zone at a depth of 30 km in northern Syria and to cleanse the areas of Tel Rifaat and Manbij from terrorists.