Cats become “victims” of Coronavirus conspiracies


The New York Times alleged that cute animals featured in media content about the virus helped spread right-wing propaganda and coronavirus conspiracies, and exploit cats by spreading disinformation.

Many people were blamed for the spread of the coronavirus conspiracy and accounts were closed and investigations opened.


However, this time the stated culprit was cats without realizing anything.

New York Times technology reporter Davey Alba claimed that “videos and GIFs of cute animals, especially cats, are being used by people and organizations that spread misinformation online.

Cats are at the forefront of this group, with videos and GIFs of many cute animals circulating on the Internet.

Davey Alba, the conservative American publication, was listed in The Western Journal and the anti-Beijing newspaper The Epoch Times.

They are just a few examples of broadcasters using so-called animal content to mislead people.


According to the article, The Epoch Times featured cute animals in 12,062 social media posts on its 103 Facebook pages.

The publications also included links to more of the newspaper’s political content.

The New York Times article was also echoed on social media.

Reactions to the articles by users were “It’s an attempt to make people feel guilty for enjoying a picture of a cute cat”, “Can’t we even watch a cat video?”.