Bursa loses its leadership in auto exports to Kocaeli


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In February of this year, the city of Kocaeli was ranked first in the ranking of the Turkish provinces with the highest exports in the automotive industry, taking the lead from Bursa.

While Istanbul came in third place, leaving Sakarya behind.


According to data released by the Turkish Exporters Association (TIM). The auto industry’s revenues rose last month to 2 billion and 536 million dollars. Thus, the auto industry became the most exported sector in February.

Kocaeli has become the province with the largest number of auto exports in Turkey.

There are major industrial firms operating as well as subsidiary industrial companies. To be the province with the highest exports of cars in February, at a value of 659 million and 373 thousand dollars.

Bursa, which was at the top in January, ranked second in February with a value of 647 million and 446 thousand dollars.

Istanbul also ranked third, with an export value of 496 million and 488 thousand dollars.


Then Sakarya with 399 million and 984 thousand dollars from foreign sales, and Ankara with 80 million and 589 thousand dollars from exports.

Comparing February of this year and the same month of the previous year. Car exports in Kocaeli increased by 40 percent.

While Bursa exports decreased by 25%, Sakarya by 14% and Ankara by 22%. The amount of Istanbul’s exports is almost unchanged.

Germany remains the largest export market

Germany was the largest export market for the Turkish car industry in February, with a value of 347 million 718 thousand dollars.

It was followed by the United Kingdom with 277 million and 50 thousand dollars.

Italy ranked third with 228 million and 422 thousand dollars, and Spain ranked fourth with 168 million and 645 thousand dollars in the list of countries with the highest exports.

On the other hand, the United States ranked eighth in auto exports, with a value of 102 million and 978 thousand dollars in February.


Car exports to the UK increase by 37 per cent

Compared to February this year and February last year, there was a 65 percent increase in car exports to Morocco.

In the United Kingdom, where the free trade agreement was signed, there was a 37% increase in auto exports, while exports to Russia increased by 12%.

During this period, exports to Germany increased by 3%, France by 7%, and Spain by 8%.

It decreased by 4% to Italy, 32% to the Netherlands and 14% to the United States.