British ambassador rejects Greek authorities’ accusations against Turkey


The new British ambassador to Greece, Matthew Lodge, spoke to the Greek newspaper To Vima.

The British ambassador was asked if Turkey was committed to the stability of the eastern Mediterranean.


In response to this question with question, Lodge replied, “Do we really believe those who say that Turkey wants something other than stability in the eastern Mediterranean in the long term?”

The British ambassador stated that Greece understands the insecurity, “but I do not share the view that Ankara has a long-term interest in the absence of peace and prosperity in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Matthew Lodge emphasized the importance of dialogue between Turkey and Greece, and the ambassador noted that no further progress can be made in the consultative talks between the two countries that have lasted for years, “I think there are great doubts and mistrust.”


The British ambassador also touched on the Cyprus problem, and said, “We must find ways to help the United Nations build confidence so that talks can be repeated.”