Bolat: Meetings with the Europeans are constructive and positive


Turkish Trade Minister Omer Bolat stated that the “constructive and positive” dialogue was clear during the meetings with European ministers since the formation of the new Turkish government last June.

This came in an interview with journalists in Istanbul on Sunday.

The Turkish minister explained that the prevailing atmosphere in the European Union is “the eagerness for more trade, economic and investment cooperation with Turkey” in the new period.

He added: “If the European Commission’s report is accepted regarding modernizing and expanding the customs union and facilitating visas at the beginning of 2024, we will witness more positive days.”


He pointed out that his country’s primary goal is to attract more investments from the European Union in the field of trade, supplies, logistics, energy and industry.

He pointed out that they want to expand the customs union to include the services sector and e-commerce, and that they are ready for negotiations in this regard.

The Customs Union entered into force on January 1, 1996 pursuant to the decision taken at the Turkish-European Association Council meeting on March 6, 1995 following negotiations between Turkey and the European Union.

Turkey is demanding that the agreement be updated, justifying this by saying that it suffers from structural problems with the development of the current trade structure.