Biden: Russia may invade Ukraine within days


US President Joe Biden said Thursday that Russia could invade Ukraine “within several days, but a diplomatic solution is still possible.”

Biden told reporters at the White House before his trip to the US state of Ohio that the threat of invasion was “extremely high.”


“My sense is that this will happen in the next few days,” he added.

The US president made clear that “Russia has not removed its forces from the Ukrainian border, and that his country has reason to believe that it is engaged in a false operation that Moscow will use to justify the invasion.”

Biden went on to say that a diplomatic solution “is still possible,” which is why he asked Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to go to the United Nations to make a statement Thursday.

And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned in a speech during the UN Security Council session on Thursday.


That the possible Russian aggression against Ukraine “is taking shape now,” calling on Moscow to retreat from the option of war before it is too late.

Recently, Western countries have accused Russia of amassing its forces near the Ukrainian border, while Washington has threatened to impose sanctions on Russia if it “launches” an attack on Ukraine.