Antalya Airport breaks a record for the number of passengers


The Turkish Governor of Antalya, Arsene Yazigi, announced on Sunday that Antalya Airport had broken a record for take-offs and landings and the number of arriving and departing passengers.

Yazigi said on social media that Antalya Airport witnessed 1,190 take-offs and landings on Saturday, including 127 domestic flights and 1,063 external flights.


He added that the airport also broke the record in the number of daily passengers, as the airport used 214 thousand and 919 passengers, including 20 thousand and 795 on domestic lines and 194 thousand and 124 passengers on external lines.

Overlooking the Mediterranean, Antalya offers a unique beauty to its guests through its charming nature and luxurious facilities, which include 2,575 establishments, of which 920 are approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the number of beds in the state’s hotels reaches 635,000 beds.