Ankara: We’ll continue with the Crimean Tatars about their identity


On Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokespeople said Turkey will continue to stand by the Crimean Tatars in maintaining their continued safety and well-being.

You learn about his education in a written response to a question about the memory of the Crimean Tatar exile.


The Crimean Tatar Turks were forcibly removed from their motherland in Crimea and exiled under inhumane conditions on May 18, 1944.

Profession that 250,000 Tatars have been displaced, as most of them died during the process of displacement or in the areas to which they were displaced.

He pointed out that today they commemorate the 78th anniversary of this tragic event.

They stressed that “Turkey will continue to stand on the other side of peace.”

The Tatars are the original inhabitants of Crimea, subjected to forced displacement as of May 18, 1944.

It was central Russia, Siberia and the Turkic-speaking countries of Central Asia that were under Soviet rule.


Their homes and lands were also confiscated under Joseph Stalin, for “treason” in 1944.

and to organize the Russian workers who were brought and settled on the peninsula located north of the Black Sea.

During 3 days by trains used to transport animals. During this he spent 46.2, during illness, hunger, living conditions and ill-treatment.