Ankara..Foreign ambassadors touring a Turkish textile exhibition


Foreign ambassadors in Ankara admired Turkish textiles and designs.

This came during their touring on Wednesday in the “From the Past to the Future” exhibition held at the Presidential Complex under the auspices of Amina Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish president, as part of the “Turkish Atlas of Spinning and Weaving” project, which she launched in the middle of last year.


Speaking at the European Union Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Nicholas Mayer-Landrut, expressed his admiration for the traditional Turkish textiles displayed at the fair.

He added that it is impressive to collect traditional textiles and fabrics and their unique designs in one exhibition.

In turn, the Japanese ambassador to Ankara, Suzuki Kazuhiro, praised the organization of the exhibition “From the Past to the Future”, describing the textiles and fabrics displayed as “unique.”

As for the Senegalese Ambassador, Sheikh Jain, he expressed his happiness about visiting the exhibition with his wife Zainab and discovering the designs of Turkish traditional textiles and textiles. He added: “I feel here as if I am at home and in my country.”


In turn, the Zimbabwean ambassador to Ankara, Alfred Mutuazuka, said that thanks to this exhibition, they discovered the extent of Turkey’s development in the field of spinning and weaving.

The “Turkish Atlas Spinning and Weaving” project aims to reproduce traditional Turkish textiles according to their ancient origins and combine them with modern designs, in a move to promote the promotion of traditional textiles globally.