Ankara criticizes a European Parliament report on Turkey


Ankara criticized the “Turkey 2022 Report” approved by the General Assembly of the European Parliament on Wednesday, describing it as “full of unfair accusations and prejudices based on misleading information issued by anti-Turkish actors.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the report also showed that members of the European Parliament have become prisoners of daily populist politics and the extent to which they have moved away from developing the correct strategic approach towards both the European Union and the region.

It added: “This report, which is full of unfair accusations and prejudices based on misleading information issued by parties hostile to Turkey, reflects the usual shallow and visionless approach adopted by the European Parliament towards relations with our country and the future of the European Union.”

It stated, “It is irrational, in such a critical period for the stability and security of the continent, in which there are opportunities to revive relations between Turkey and the European Union, for the European Parliament to raise other matters instead of Turkey’s accession negotiations, which represent the backbone of relations.”


It continued: “In addition, the allegations contained in the European Parliament’s report, which reflect the unilateral views of certain parties on the issues of the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus, which are divorced from historical and legal facts, are of no value to us.”

It noted that “Turkey’s common goal with the European Union is to modernize the Customs Union and quickly complete the dialogue on visa liberalization in the coming period,” noting that the mutual steps that will be taken on these issues “will move relations between Turkey and the European Union and the process of Turkey’s accession to the Union to a new and dynamic level.” .

It stressed Turkey’s ability to make the European Union “a global force in confronting all existing challenges,” especially security, energy, climate change, migration, trade deviation, and economic difficulties, adding: “Realizing this truth is possible from a point of view based on a vision that does not surrender to the daily interests of some parties.”

It expressed her hope that the new Parliament that will be formed after next year’s European Parliament elections will act “in accordance with a neutral, rational and constructive perspective.”