Anadolu Agency launches the 18th war correspondent course


On Monday, Anatolia, in cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency “TIKA” and the country’s Police Academy, launched the 18th war correspondent course with the participation of 22 journalists from Azerbaijan.


In a speech during the inauguration of the course at the Police Academy in Ankara, Vice President of the Police Academy Fatih Inal said that the war correspondent course is one of the important projects that have become of an international character.

He added that the course provides participants with knowledge and experience on how to work and ensure the safety of journalists while conveying news to the world in unusual situations.

Intel stated that the course has been organized with the participation of 277 journalists from 38 countries since the launch of its first edition in 2012.

In turn, Oguz Anis Beru, Deputy Director-General of Anadolu Agency, said that the agency offers journalists participating in the courses its 101 years of experience.


He added that they want to share these experiences with Azerbaijani journalists to enable them to better convey their voices to the world.

The course continues until August 20 and aims to qualify journalists to cover events in war and disaster areas and in emergency situations.

The lessons are supervised by experienced journalists in Anatolia, as well as experts from the Turkish Armed Forces, AFAD, and the Police Academy.

The course includes multiple lessons, starting from journalistic work to personal security, through first aid and the laws of war.

In addition to the advanced arts of vehicle driving and surviving in the water, as well as finding directions, and reading maps.

In addition to managing the media in emergency situations, close self-defense, technology security, and information transfer.


An internationally recognized certificate will be awarded to the trainees participating in the course.