All You Need To Know About Danone Company in Turkey..

Danone Company in Turkey

Our planet is facing an epidemic that afflicts us all, and in this difficult process Danone company teams unite around the same goal every day in all the countries in which they operate, including Turkey. This shows an extraordinary commitment to maintain their supply chain to continue providing citizens with daily food supplies, their top priority to ensure safety is 100,000 employees around the world, and a priority for their business partners as well.

Danone company’s mission in Turkey and all over the world:

Providing health to the largest possible number of people through food, Danone Company in Turkey is striving to contribute to a healthier world through its mission to provide health to the largest possible number of people through food. And for more than 100 years, it has aimed to bring consumers together with healthy and delicious products in line with their nutritional habits and needs, and aims to provide innovative, high-quality products that fulfill consumers expectations at every stage of life through their complete product range in the fields of dairy, water and specialty nutrition products.

Danone Company in Turkey

Danone company’s actions to enhance team resilience and value chain:

  • Secure all employment contracts by June 30th and guaranteed payroll insurance for 100,000 Danone company employees worldwide
  • Comprehensive health insurance for all workers around the world (in cases of health, childcare, quarantine)
  • Support all Danonians, who are in the field during the epidemic
  • Danone company support to 15,000 small businesses (farmers, suppliers and service providers, Danone Manifesto Ventures and communities in the Danone ecosystem)

Existing cooperation and support between Danone company and the preventive mission personnel in Turkey:

Danone company is aware of the sacrifice their healthcare professionals have shown in fighting Coronavirus on the front lines in this process, where health and food are the top priorities.

And they have always been supportive at their side and the healthcare personnel who are aware of their responsibility towards their country, Turkey, providing preventive medical equipment worth one million Turkish liras, they donated 20 tons of dairy products, one million bottles of water and 193 thousand bottles of lemonade, in addition to that, 100 tons of water, and they met Turkey’s needs in the at-risk groups over the age of four, where there are 65  In one side.

Danone company’s vision in Turkey:

“One planet, one health”

These words reflect Danone’s company vision of the interconnectedness of people’s health and the health of the planet, knowing that their responsibilities are not limited to the factory doors, but rather the company’s employees strive for good with their products, people and nature, they aim to adopt healthier and sustainable eating and drinking habits.

Speaking of Danone company, everyone who works for it believes they have a chance to choose for the world they imagine with every food they eat and drink, this strong belief is at the heart of the ” food revolution ” inspired by people who care about where their food comes from, how it is grown, and how it gets to their dishes, and how they affect their health and the health of the planet.

” One Planet, One Health ” is a call they made to turn their mission to deliver health through food into a reality for the largest possible number of people around the world, their signature on this slogan, invites everyone to participate in this movement!

Antoine Riboud

The reason for choosing this saying mainly for Danone company in Turkey:

In 1972, Antoine Riboud, CEO of the company, said: “ There is only one world, we only live once”, they put it into words and it has inspired everyone in the company a deep belief that life’s target today is : a healthy planet is required for healthy food.

At Danone, the team operates in more than 120 countries around the world through their unique health-oriented product portfolio and brands in line with their mission to provide healthcare to the largest possible number of people through food.

The company provides benefits to society and covers all stages of the product, dairy products in Turkey with more than 2000 employees, and the presence of water and nutrition specialists for human life from birth to old age in the field of products.

Danone company’s history over the years:

  • 1919: Founding Danone company by Isaac Karasu: Barcelona, ​​Spain
  • 1972: A pioneering speech in Marseille on a dual social enterprise explaining the corporate mission: ” Corporate responsibility does not end at the factory gates or at the office doors “
  • 1984: Marketing of maternal and child nutrition products in Turkey
  • 1997: Transition to activities in the water sector in Turkey
  • 1998: Moved to work in the dairy sector in Turkey
  • 2006: Birth of the company’s mission to provide healthcare to the largest number of people possible through food
  • 2007: Joining MD and Maternal and Child Nutrition companies with Danone company 
  • 2017: Herbal products are included in Danone company group
  • 2017: Announcing the Food Revolution and Danone company’s new slogan: ” One Planet, One Health “
  • 2018: Danone company’s 2030 Goals announced.

Danone company’s factories in Turkey :

Eight water plants were established in Turkey, and activities were continued with the company’s production facility, including dairy products.

Danone Company in Turkey

Danone Business Units in Turkey:

Dairy products :

In line with the company’s mission of providing health to the largest possible number of people through food, where the team works with a great focus on milk snacks, through 100 years of experience, and provides delicious milk alternatives with appropriate snacks for consumption in these meals, which is an important part of healthy nutrition, as the team works with its strength to make delicious dairy products a substitute for nutritional habits, and as Danone Dairy, it directs the market with powerful innovations.

Securing water sources:

Water is a great importance to our planet and public health, Danone company is responsible for providing water and beverage options that will make a difference in health, the company works with its ability to protect the planet as much as possible and support the development of water and beverage consumption habits, and supports the spread of environmental awareness and ” Consuming healthy water and beverages ” through its awareness campaigns and its powerful brands that provide health to millions of people.

Danone company in Turkey is working to increase awareness of healthy consumption of water and beverages through the awareness campaigns it has achieved in cooperation with experts and local authorities and reaching millions of people around the world, and it introduces new habits and options for the consumption of water and drinks with the innovations that the company has developed, scientific on the relationship between water consumption and health.

The importance of social awareness that Danone seeks to achieve in Turkey:

In line with the company’s vision of ” One Planet, One Health “, the company aims to protect the planet’s resources and continue its efforts to raise awareness through both its innovations and components, the company also recycles as its responsibility, and supports the development of social awareness of its products through awareness activities.

Expert feeding products

In order to contribute to the growth of healthy future generations, the company strives to provide specialized nutritional solutions for every person in need at every stage of life, from birth to old age, and health advancement for society through nutrition in every stage of life from birth to old age.

Danone company’s investments in Turkey:

The company designs and develops its innovation program to meet consumer needs through regular market and consumer research, and being Danone, it has been investing continuously in Turkey for more than 30 years, in order to be remembered as the first brand with all these investments, and the company derives its strength from its belief in partners, the businesses and suppliers who make their products possible, where the safety and quality of the company’s products is its top priority.

The goals that Danone is committed to in providing nutrition and health:

  • The company provides its unique scientific and research expertise to health care professionals and consumers in Turkey and more than 150 countries around the world through its innovative products, and for the quality and continuity of its innovations, the company cooperates with universities and institutes around the world and regularly proves the effectiveness of its products through clinical studies, the work team strives hard to provide safe, high quality and scientifically based products suitable for each stage of the first years of life in order to lay the foundations for lifelong health
  • Based on scientific information, foods suitable for the special needs of children are produced for each stage of development in the first two years and beyond
  • In line with the company’s first global 1000-day commitment to support families and the community, the team strives to provide children with the best nutritional start in the first two years of their lives and to positively impact their health throughout their lives.
  • Danone company’s team in Turkey seeks to introduce families to the importance of nutrition at all ages and its impact on the future and health, in order to contribute to raising healthy generations
  • Through expert nutritional products, the company creates solutions to the special nutritional needs of health problems such as premature labor, growth retardation, food allergies, rare metabolic diseases, diseases related to aging, as well as weakness, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

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