Ali Erbas: Israeli terrorism must be stopped as soon as possible


The head of religious affairs, Ali Arbash, said, “Israeli terror and cruelty, which is a killer of children, and even ruthlessly destroyed temples, must be stopped as soon as possible.

After the meeting, which was held at the Palestine Embassy in Ankara for about half an hour, the Head of Religious Affairs Ali Erbas and Ambassador Fayed Mustafa made a press statement.


Referring to Turkey’s condemnation of the Israeli attacks on Palestine from the beginning, Erbas said that they wish to bypass Ambassador Mustafa for those who were killed and wounded in Palestine.

Stressing that Turkey will stand by Palestine with its material and moral strength, Erbash continued the following:

“From here I appeal to the world again. The Israeli terror and persecution that kills children and destroys even temples without mercy must stop as soon as possible.”

How can Israel carry out such terrorist activity before the eyes of the world? How can we behave with this courage?

Countries need to take measures to eliminate and stop this crime against humanity as soon as possible. This terrorist activity that embarrasses us all from our humanity must be stopped. “


“We need this to save the innocent, temples and children”

Recalling that killing innocent people of all faiths is forbidden and forbidden.

And Arbash said: “It is forbidden in the Torah, the Jewish holy book, and it is said not to kill.” The Christian holy book is forbidden in the Bible.

Unjustly killing is like killing all of humanity, saving mankind is like saving all of humanity, “From here, I appeal to the clergy.

No matter where in the world the clergy must also act. We need this to save innocent people, temples and children.”

The Palestinian Ambassador in Ankara Fayed Mustafa thanked the Turkish state and its people and the Religious Affairs Directorate for their support to Palestine.