“Akinci Tiha” includes a message from Erdogan for generations


The Communications Department of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic said that the offensive march “Bayraktar Akinci Tiha” will carry out its tasks through a program that includes a message written by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed to future generations and history.


The Communications Department stated in a statement on Thursday that before the first flight carried out by the “Bayraktar Akinci Tiha” march on December 6, 2019.

A special message from the chief has been added to the flight control computer software.

The statement added that the programming system also includes a translated version of the message addressed to future generations in a computer language into “hexadecimal code.”

In the letter, the president said that Turkey “is a country with more than 2,200 years of experience in nation-building affairs.”

In it, he showed that the Turkish people are indebted to the cadres that made it possible to establish the strongest, most advanced, and most effective political, military, economic, and social infrastructure in all periods.


He stressed that his country has never forgotten that the way to protect the faith of the people and future generations is through protecting the independence and future of Turkey.

He added that his government has made efforts to raise Turkey to the ranks of developed countries in all fields, especially in the defense industries.

It focused its efforts to reach the goal of Turkey, which gives confidence to friends and instills fear in the hearts of enemies.

Erdoğan noted that with the success Turkey has achieved, it has demonstrated to the whole world the ability of the Turkish nation to produce and use high-tech systems.

He explained that the “Bayraktar” series of marches developed by the “Baykar” company within the framework of a project sponsored by the Presidency of Defense Industries of the Presidency of the Republic “is one of the most successful fruits of these mighty efforts.”


In his message, he expressed his confidence that the Turkish youth will achieve the country’s vision for the years 2053 and 2071 over infrastructure.

Which was established by his government in all fields from democracy to economics and technology.

On Monday, President Erdoğan participated in a ceremony for the Baykar company to deliver the Bayraktar Akinci Tiha assault drone to the Turkish forces.

Akinci Tiha can fly for 24 hours continuously at an altitude of up to 40,000 feet, with a weight of 6 tons, and a useful payload of 1.5 tons of ammunition.

Akinci Tiha was provided with high-tech features such as air-to-air radars and satellite messaging systems.


In addition to obstacle detection radars, and other features that make it unique among its peers around the world.

Thanks to the cameras equipped with it for reconnaissance and surveillance, this march can identify ground targets that its leader may overlook on the ground, in a step that increases the effectiveness of the use of the march.

It is expected that “Akinci Tiha” will play an important role in easing the burdens of warfighters, and it will be able to carry out airstrikes and bombard specific targets, with locally manufactured air-to-air missiles.