A nurse broke a vaccine bottle and injected 6 patients, but which six?


A nurse in Landkreis Friesland, a northern coastal region, accidentally broke a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine bottle.

And at the Community Vaccination Center on April 21 instead of reporting the accident, I replaced the syringes with a harmless, but not medically useful, saline solution.


Also, six people came to receive coronavirus vaccines that day, and they got them.

She later admitted the mistake, and Friesland’s health authorities are now in trouble.

And it boils down to while trying to make sure that six of the 197 people who came to the center that day received saline injections.

Authorities also invited 117 people who believed they had received a first dose of Pfizer to undergo an antibody test.

For the 80 people who received the second vaccination, things are more complicated.

They were also interviewed to see if they had a physical reaction, and if they did not, they were offered a third dose and 62 people accepted it.