A Medical study: Coronavirus also targets veins


Coronavirus infections are not limited to their first target, which is the lungs, but it is rapid and destructive in other matters

All of these cause health problems such as stroke, heart attack, and brain damage.


One of the most important side effects of the Coronavirus is that it causes blood clots in the veins, depending on the veins it infects, and various health problems occur.

Cardiovascular surgery specialist Dr. Mustafa Şerlak said the damage caused by the virus is as follows:

And “depending on which blood vessel it affects, symptoms appear accompanied by a stroke when it affects the blood vessels leading to the brain and a heart attack when it affects the blood vessels.

In addition to pulmonary embolism when it affects the pulmonary blood vessels, and cutaneous vein occlusion such as deep vein occlusion when it occurs.


It also affects the veins and blockages the arteries when it affects the arteries.”

And cardiovascular surgeons explain that the only way to prevent coronavirus is through vaccination.

Experts say claims that vaccines cause blood clots in veins are misleading.

Cardiovascular surgery specialist Dr. Tankut Akai said there is speculation on the issue.

“We should not forget that any infection with the Coronavirus poses a much greater risk of stroke.”

Experts also warn that people should not use blood thinners according to their wishes. Dr. Mustafa Şerlak says on the subject:


“Blood thinners are not innocent medicines, because they can have hemorrhagic side effects, and the bleeding we fear most is brain hemorrhage.

So, when you have coronavirus, there is no such thing as using blood thinners right away.”

Cardiovascular surgeons say that taking blood thinners should be done under the supervision of a doctor, but otherwise, they assure that irreversible health problems may occur.