A girl died and the injury of dozens of “Satan worshipers” in northern Egypt


A girl died in Egypt on Wednesday evening due to her injuries during gas cylinders and fire extinguishers demonstration. He was known in the media as “the Satanist” in the north of the country.

According to local media, including the private newspapers, “Al-Masry Al-Youm” and “Al-Youm Al-Sabea”, “Dakahlia (Nile Delta / North) investigations managed to arrest one of Farah’s organizers.


This resulted in the death of a girl and the injury of dozens, and 16 others were arrested.

The two newspapers pointed out that during a celebration of the transfer of a bride’s device to the marital home in Dakahlia Governorate, several young men performed a show in the name of “Devil worshippers.”

She pointed out that one of the gas cylinders exploded during the parade, causing her to collide with two girls, causing them fractures in their skulls.

This led to the death of one of them, in addition to causing dozens of bruises, cuts, and burns.

The two newspapers quoted eyewitnesses as saying that during a ceremony to transport a bride’s device to her husband’s house in Dakahlia Governorate, the audience was surprised by the appearance of a group of young men wearing uniforms.


Their upper body parts are also bare, and they use colored gas cylinders to make “dangerous and terrifying” performances.

Witnesses added that plates were placed in the street during the celebration, bearing drawings of skulls, blood, demonstration, and horrific scenes.

This is in addition to the organizers dancing with fire extinguishers and cooking gas pipes, which caused the accident.

The incident sparked wide interaction and anger on social media platforms in Egypt, amid intense calls for those involved to be prosecuted so that such incidents would not be repeated.