A Call for removing Turkey from the United Kingdom’s red list


In the UK, the “traffic light” system under which the government assesses the risks of coronavirus in the countries to which it is traveling has been mocked.

There are calls to remove Turkey, the Maldives, and South Africa from the red list in response to the growing travel restrictions.


Britain’s travel restrictions have put British airlines and holiday companies in a difficult position.

Because of the epidemic, travel restrictions have been imposed on some countries using the traffic light system.

The British cannot understand why the government has made it difficult for them to travel abroad for so long.

As a result, British tourists started a petition to come to Turkey.

The current restrictions are not only making holidaymakers anxious about booking but also destroying tourism to the UK and with it hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The long red list complicates travel to nearly a third of the world’s countries and causes a lot of expenses.

Expert analysts agree that Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Maldives, South Africa, and Turkey should be removed from the red list.


However, it has been discussed that the government may come to different conclusions as it has many times.

Meanwhile, flights between London and Sydney and between London and Melbourne are planned from December 18 in the country.