A Big turnout at Balan Dokan Ski Center in Erzurum, Turkey


Balan Dokan, one of the most important ski centers in Turkey, witnesses a large number of tourists on weekends.


The center of “Balan Dokan” is located in the state of Erzurum in eastern Turkey, and contains many hotels and tourist facilities, and is visited by many local and foreign tourists.

One of the most important factors contributing to the high demand for “Plan Dokan” is its location 20 km from Erzurum airport and 4 km from the state center.

Speaking on Saturday, Umar Faruk Uludag, a visitor to the center, expressed his great happiness at visiting the area and enjoying the beauty of the snow scene.


He explained that the “Balan Dukan” center is one of the important destinations for tourists who want to ski, take memorial photos, and spend a fun time on the weekends.