$ 95.3 billion is the value of official reserve assets in the Turkish Central Bank


Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT) data published by February 2021 “International Reserves and Developments in Foreign Currency Liquidity”.

Accordingly, official reserve assets decreased by 0.4 percent in January compared to the previous month, and decreased to $ 95.3 billion.

In the same period, foreign exchange assets increased by 2.1% to reach $ 53 billion, and gold reserve assets decreased by 3.4% to $ 40.7 billion.

Predetermined foreign exchange outflows for the central government and central bank (foreign currency loans, securities, and liabilities arising from deposit transactions), which remained when due for one year or less, increased by 8.3 percent compared to the previous month and reached $ 30.6 billion in February. .

During this period, the net foreign exchange and gold liabilities of the Central Bank arising from derivative transactions with local and non-resident banks amounted to $ 58 billion, while $ 21.7 billion of this amount was recorded with a one-month maturity.

Potential foreign exchange outflows consist of treasury-guaranteed foreign debts to be repaid within one year and other liabilities (foreign exchange and gold reserves required, closed account and letters of credit).

These liabilities increased 2.1% in February compared to the previous month, to $ 49.4 billion.