8 thousand tourists arrive in Aydin Province on board 7 ships


8,370 tourists arrived in Kosh Adasi district in Aydin Province, western Turkey, on Monday on board 7 large cruise ships.

The ships “MAC Splendida” flying the Panama flag, “Celestial Journey” flying the Bermuda flag, “Emerald Sakara”, “Windstar” flying the Bahamas flag, “Celebrity Constellation” and “Azamara Quest” docked at Aegean Port. And the “Star Flyer”, which flies the Maltese flag.

Some tourists headed towards the Selcuk District in Izmir Province in order to visit the archaeological areas there, especially the ancient city of Avis.

In a press statement, the port’s general manager, Aziz Gunger, expressed his pleasure at the density of cruise ships arriving at the port.