“401 Fleet” continues to test Turkish weapons and ammunition


The command of the “401 Test Fleet” of the Turkish Air Force Command continues to conduct the necessary tests on domestic aircraft, armament systems and munitions that enter the service of the Air Force in order to prepare them to perform their tasks to the fullest.


The Turkish 401 Test Fleet has a technological infrastructure that only a few countries in the world have, in addition to highly qualified and experienced personnel, and it is based at the command of the first air base in the state of Eskişehir, western Turkey.

Through it, the Air Force will be able to test the weapons systems that will enter the service of the armed forces and developed by Turkish defense industries companies. Turkey is also one of the few countries that can conduct flight tests with its local capabilities.

Projects of cruise missiles, smart guided munitions, navigation and aviation systems, which were produced with local capabilities, have proven their efficiency in the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces after completing the necessary tests for them by the leadership of the 401 test fleet.


The test fleet has been conducting the necessary tests on weapons and local missions with F4E 2020 aircraft and F16 fighters since March 13, 2015, and Turkey has achieved great successes.

The fleet conducted tests on bunker-busting bombs that the Turkish forces used to destroy terrorist caves and hideouts as part of Operation Claw-Lock.

Fleet personnel load locally produced munitions onto the test planes, then conduct the necessary tests, and finally prepare special reports.

The Fleet Command conducted launch and flight tests on many local weapons and munitions, such as air-to-ground smart munitions, the new-generation Har Gosh training aircraft, SOM cruise missiles, thermal vision systems, and many locally developed weapon systems.


Turkey has produced Gök Doğan and Boz Doğan (air-to-air) missiles, becoming one of only 8 countries in the world that can produce this type of missile.

The Fleet Test Command continues to conduct the necessary tests on the Gök Doğan and Boz Doğan missiles, which are the first air-to-air missiles to be produced in Turkey with local capabilities.

The missiles are scheduled to enter service with the Turkish Armed Forces soon. They will be characterized by supersonic speed and high maneuverability, and will play an important role in achieving the air superiority of the Turkish forces.

Among the equipment and domestic weapons systems being tested by the 401st Fleet Test Command are:


Armor-piercing bombs and fortifications developed to destroy terrorist hideouts, command posts, and concrete-protected targets.

Mini bombs developed as smart guided munitions.

The local targeting system “ASELPOD” is a photoelectric system for targeting, reconnaissance and surveillance, produced by the Turkish company, “ASELSAN”, which is specialized in the military and electronic industries.

HGK intelligent precision missile guidance systems and LGK laser guidance systems.