1197 cubic meters of Sea Foam cleaned in 4 days in Marmara


Environment Minister Murat KURUM announced that a total of 1,197 cubic meters of Sea Foam was cleaned from the Marmara Sea in 4 days, and said, “We will continue our campaign to remove Sea Foam for the sake of our children, our country, and our world.”

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat KURUM also provided information about the Sea Foam cleaning work in the Marmara Sea.


Noting that they continued resolutely to combat the Sea Foam formed in the Marmara Sea yesterday, Kurum shared the information.

“We cleaned a total of 1,197.2 cubic meters of Sea Foam, along with 464.1 cubic meters of Sea Foam on June 11, the fourth day of our gum cleaning campaign.”

In its announcement of the numbers collected in the governorates at the end of the fourth day, the Foundation said:

“We sent 218.7 cubic meters of Sea Foam in Istanbul, 95.5 cubic meters in Kocaeli, and 88 cubic meters in Bursa.

44 m3 in Tekirdag, 182 m3 in Balikesir, 146 m3 in Çanakkale, and 423 m3 in Yalova for sanitary landfills.

To get rid of them, we have continued our work in 77 districts by adding more, and we will continue our campaign to remove the glue for our children, our country, and our world.”


Establishment of a Parliamentary Research Committee for Gum

The association took measures to solve the Sea Foam problem in the Marmara Sea and established a research committee, the decision was published in the Official Gazette.

10 proposals from 5 parties were combined with a group in Parliament to investigate the Sea Foam problem, and the joint proposal was discussed in the General Assembly.

Subsequently, the proposal to establish a Sea Foam research committee was accepted, and Sea Foam formation will be banned from the source

First, 19 members of the committee will be selected, after that, the committee will start its activities that will last for 3 months, and the opinions of experts and academics will be taken and the Sea Foam in all its aspects will be discussed.