Zaray Dora Hill..a residential project that embraces nature in Turkey


Zaray Construction Company held an introductory meeting for its new project, Zaray Dora Hill, in the northwestern Turkish state of Kocaeli.

In a speech during the meeting held at its sales office in Izmit, in the state, the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Zaki Zaray, stated that the project is a new discovery for the company.


He pointed out that the project includes the complete aesthetics of nature and overlooks forests, a lake and the sea, and the construction area is 20 percent, while the rest includes landscapes and social and recreational facilities.

He stressed that the company designed the project according to international building standards, and that the demand for purchase was exceptional.

He pointed out that the project is located in the “Cherkoy” area and was designed in a way that does not harm nature, but rather embraces it.


He said, “The project consists of 430 apartments, and the number remains small because we included them to be spacious and distinctive. If we had designed only the normal standards, the number of apartments would have been more than 600.”

And he indicated that construction and sales work is continuing at 8 points in the project, adding: “We will increase the number of active projects to 13 by starting 5 other projects this year. Our goal is to become a company that develops and produces at least 30 distinguished projects at the same time in different states of the country with solutions year 2025”.


In turn, the project engineer, Vigan Arturan, explained about the project and explained that the apartments are spacious, characterized by high ceilings, wide windows, sunlight and beautiful landscapes.

For her part, Deputy General Manager for Sales of the company Şahida Toroglu said that sales started on April 20 last.

She indicated that the special payment plans offered by the company would make it easier for people to own a home or invest in this field.

In the same context, the company’s deputy general manager for marketing, Svensh Sweidan, confirmed that they combined the traditional and modern cultures in the project.


The project is 45 minutes from Istanbul and a few minutes from the shopping and health centers in Kocaeli. It was built on an area of ​​720,000 square meters and combines several aesthetics in one place with a view surrounded by forests and neoclassical architecture.

Each residential complex in the project includes a closed car garage and is scheduled to be completed on May 30, 2024.