WHO calls for vaccine manufacturers regarding COVAX


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called on coronavirus vaccine manufacturers to prioritize the Global Access Program for Coronavirus Vaccines in their vaccine supply.

At the press conference at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Tedros Ghebreyesus addressed the inequality in global vaccines.


“Immunity-boosting doses should only be given to those whose immunity is compromised,” Ghebreyesus said, to avoid unfair distribution of the vaccine.

Ghebreyesus, who has called for no more vaccines to be sent to countries where 40 percent of the population is vaccinated, said.

“We continue to call on vaccine manufacturers on the WHO Emergency Use List to prioritize the COVAX Global Access Program over financial profit.”

He stressed that the approval of the World Health Organization for the emergency use of the Covaxin vaccine produced in India is a step that supports the equality of the vaccine.


WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge also announced that Europe has become the epicenter of the Coronavirus again after the recent increase in the number of cases.

And speaking at the World Health Organization’s press conference, referring to the fact that every country in Europe and Central Asia is fighting today the epidemic, which has increased its impact.

“The current situation in 53 countries is of great concern and danger,” Kluge said.

Kluge confirmed that 1.8 million new cases and 24,000 new deaths were recorded in Europe and Central Asia last week.

He confirmed that there was a 6 percent increase in cases and a 12 percent increase in deaths compared to the previous week.


Noting that cases in these two regions represent 59 percent of the world’s numbers and 48 percent of deaths.

“We must change the way we fight against increases in the coronavirus,” Kluge warned.