Turkish Malatya reaps 262 million dollars from apricot exports


The Turkish state of Malatya reaped 262 million and 727 thousand dollars from apricot exports during the first six months of the current season.

The head of the Malatya Commercial Exchange, Ramadan Ozjan, said that the current harvest season in the state began on August 1.

He added that the state exported 7,436 tons of apricots during January, at a value of $39,117,000.


He stated that the state’s exports during January 2022 were around 5,337 tons.

He pointed out that the quantity exported during the first six months of the current harvest amounted to 49,355 tons.

Turkey has about 17 million apricot trees, of which 8 million are in Malatya, which made it famous as the “apricot capital”.