Turkish Interior Minister: We may resort to a curfew to deal with the Coronavirus


Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, in an interview with the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet”, stated that his country may resort to the option of curfews on citizens if the Coronavirus crisis is not overcome.

This came after the Turkish government decided to implement a curfew on Turkish citizens over the age of 65.

The minister added that from the first day, the police and gendarmerie forces dealt with citizens who did not comply with the decision, explaining to them the importance of staying in their homes, and asking them to return.

He also pointed out that the Turkish government launched great campaigns to achieve social solidarity with the elderly to protect them from infection.

He added: “We went to thousands of homes, and we dealt with the needs of citizens in line with the notifications that have reached our social support line.”

The minister pointed out that citizens adhere to the set of decisions that were taken, and last Friday, more than 165 thousand shopping centers closed their doors in compliance with these decisions, then they made a decision regarding barbershops, hairdressers and restaurants.

He continued: “We will announce to our citizens on a daily basis, by emphasizing staying at home through police and gendarmerie cars, loudspeakers in mosques, government and municipal vehicles, and we will increase our appeal to them.”