Turkish Defense: 19 terrorists neutralized of Operation “Lock the Claw”


On Monday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the neutralization of 19 terrorists in the preliminary outcome of the ongoing “Lock Claw” operation in northern Iraq.

And it added in a statement that the Turkish army had taken control of the planned targets in the first stage, pointing out that the operation had continued successfully as planned.


The statement indicated that the search and survey operations continue after the destruction of the hideouts, warehouses and caves of the terrorist organization.

It stated that 4 Turkish soldiers were injured during the operation, as they are being provided with the necessary treatment.

The statement concluded by emphasizing the determination and insistence of the armed forces to rid the Turkish people of terrorism.

At dawn on Monday, Turkey launched Operation “Lock the Claw” against terrorist elements in the areas of Mtina, Zab and Afshin-Basian in northern Iraq.

In his statements after the start of the military operation, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that the “claw lock” comes within the framework of eliminating terrorist strongholds in northern Iraq.


It also guarantees the security of the Turkish borders while respecting the sovereignty of Iraq, “a friend and brother, and its territorial integrity.”