Turkish Academic Professor Sevim Kouse: Fish.. food and medicine


The Turkish academic, Professor Sevim Kose, said that fish are no less important than medicines for human health, and that the skin, bones and cartilage of fish are also beneficial. She also advised eating small fish with their bones.


Koussa, a teacher at the Faculty of Marine Sciences at Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon, spoke about the benefits of eating fish.

Koussa explained that fish rich in “omega-3” fatty acids have an important place in any healthy diet.

“Fish is medicine and food at the same time. You eat, but you also take your medicine in some way,” she said.

She pointed out that fish is beneficial not only in terms of fatty acids, but there is gelatin in its skin and it also contains collagen, noting that even cartilage and bones are beneficial for health.


She indicated that the collagen obtained from fish is absorbed into the body more easily than other animal collagens.

She pointed out that fish collagen is the first type, and it is the most abundant type of collagen in humans.

She added, “This collagen provides beautiful skin to humans and delays aging.”


She pointed out that research has shown that this collagen fights aging, regenerates bones, and contributes to healing joint pain and wounds. It also helps maintain the strength and flexibility of blood vessels, gums, eyes, nails and hair.

She pointed out that fish bones contain minerals useful for human health, especially calcium and phosphorus.

She pointed out that eating fish soup is very healthy, and the skins and heads of fish can be used after cleaning them in preparing soup.


She also advised eating small fish with her bones to get the greatest possible benefit.