Turkey’s exports to the Gulf recorded $1.4 billion in January


Turkish exports to the Gulf countries increased by 16.1 percent in January, recording $1.4 billion.

Turkish exports rose in January to 19 billion and 375 million dollars, an increase of 10.4 percent compared to the same period in 2022, according to the data of the Exporters Council in Turkey.

According to these data, Turkey’s exports to the Gulf countries reached $1.431 billion in January 2023.


Iraq came at the forefront of the Gulf countries that imported the most from Turkey during this period, with a value of 671.2 million dollars, then the UAE again with 223.1 million, and Saudi Arabia third with 202.8 million dollars.

Iran ranked fourth with 191.7 million dollars, Qatar fifth with 54.9 million, Kuwait sixth with 45.4 million, then Oman with 27.6 million and Bahrain with 14.3 million.