Turkey protests Greece’s deployment of US armored vehicles


On Monday, Turkey protested to Greece and the United States against the backdrop of Athens’ deployment of US-made armored vehicles on the demilitarized islands of Mudali and Sesam.


According to information from sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Greek ambassador in Ankara and handed him a protest note.

The memorandum stated that what Greece had done was a new violation of the contractual obligations arising from the Lausanne Treaty of 1923 and the Paris Peace Treaties concluded in 1947, and according to international law.

In the memorandum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded Athens end its violations of the islands and return it to a non-military status.

Turkey also sent a protest note to the United States, asking it to respect the status of the eastern Aegean islands and to take measures not to use weapons in violation of their demilitarized status.


Turkish drones had observed that Greece transferred 23 armored vehicles to the island of Mudali (Lesbos) and 18 others to Sesam (Samos) on September 18 and 21.

It was remarkable that the armored vehicles that the United States granted to Greece arrived at the port of Dede Agag (Alexandroupoli).