Turkey: Neutralization of a leadership in the “PKK” in northern Iraq


Turkish intelligence managed to neutralize a leading figure in the “PKK” organization with a qualitative operation in northern Iraq.


Security sources said Thursday that Turkish intelligence agents monitored the movements of the terrorist “Khadija Hazar”, nicknamed “Pervin Zilan” in the city of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq.

She added that the intelligence information indicated an increase in terrorist activities in the ranks of the organization in northern Iraq.

She explained that the Turkish intelligence monitored the location of the terrorist in the city of Sulaymaniyah and was able to neutralize her through a qualitative operation.


She confirmed that the Turkish elements participating in the qualitative operation returned to their bases safely.

She pointed out that “Hazer” joined the ranks of the “PKK” in 1991 and held the position of responsible for the organization’s feminist organization in Armenia in 2004, then responsible for the activities of the “PJAK”, the Iranian wing of the organization in Syria in 2017.


It is noteworthy that “PKK” takes the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq as a stronghold, and is active in many cities, regions and valleys, from which it launches attacks on the Turkish interior.