Turkey.. “Mothers of Diyarbakir” sit-in has been going on for 1134 days


The sit-in launched by a group of mothers in front of the headquarters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Diyarbakir, southeastern Turkey, to demand the return of their children kidnapped by the terrorist PKK organization, has been going on for 1134 days.


Rahima Tashchi said that she is participating in the sit-in from Kars, on the Armenian border, to demand the return of her son Farouk.

She added that her son, Farouk, has been absent from her for 9 years, calling on him “to split from the ranks of the terrorist organization and surrender to the Turkish judiciary.”

For his part, Nuruddin Udomlu said that he is holding a sit-in in the hope of recovering his son Yusef from the ranks of the terrorist PKK.

Udomlu accused the HDP of being involved in kidnapping his son and bringing him into the ranks of the terrorist organization.


Since September 3, 2019, families have continued their sit-in in front of the party headquarters, which they accuse of helping the terrorist organization kidnap children and young people to the mountains and deceive them to fight in its ranks against Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has previously expressed his support for the sit-in participants on more than one occasion, as well as support for ministers, politicians, artists, journalists, writers, athletes, civic organizations, clerics and individuals from all segments of society.

The sit-in is also supported by the “Srebrenica Mothers’ Association” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, European Parliament Member Tomas Zdechovsky, and ambassadors in Ankara who visited Diyarbakir and met the sit-in.


The PKK is a terrorist organization operating in several countries in the region, including Syria, Iraq and Iran, and Turkey is combating it in response to the attacks it is launching against its citizens and forces.