Turkey lifts the curfew and restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus


As per the directives of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, the curfew was lifted at 05:00 today, Thursday, 1 July. Restrictions on intercity traffic will also be lifted.

All workplaces and cinemas that have stopped operating under the Coronavirus measures will reopen.


Quoting the Anadolu Agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement at the meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Justice and Development Party: Turkey will enter a new era in the face of the Corona epidemic, starting from July 1 (today).

Erdogan said that the Ministry of the Interior published a new section on the new era.

Adding, “We are taking the necessary measures so that Turkey enters a stronger period after the outbreak of the epidemic.”

“What we need to do is prepare for all scenarios,” he added. I hope the new era will be good for our country and nation.

The Turkish president also called on the citizens to take strict measures in this new era.


The Turkish Ministry of the Interior also issued a circular detailing the third stage of the gradual return to normalcy in the context of combating the coronavirus epidemic.

In this regard, as of 05:00 on Thursday 1 July, the curfew will be lifted and restrictions on intercity traffic will be lifted.

All workplaces and cinemas that have stopped operating as part of the measures to combat the Coronavirus will also be reopened.

According to this directive, all workplaces can continue to provide services from 1 July, during the hours specified in their work permit.

The restrictions related to combating the Coronavirus will also be lifted in all accommodation centers, provided that masks are used and social distancing and health protocols are observed.