Turkey exports airport buses to Saudi Arabia


BMC, a commercial vehicle manufacturing company in Turkey, announced on Wednesday the export of 10 NEWPORT airport buses to Saudi Arabia.

The Turkish company developed the bus to make transportation at the airport more comfortable thanks to its low floor. The bus is 14 meters long and has the ability to tilt in both directions for passengers to board and disembark.

The company concluded negotiations with the Saudi Al-Amad Company for Airport Services and Supportive Transport, the most important provider of airport services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and exported 10 airport buses to it.

It is expected that airport buses suitable for hot weather and difficult climatic conditions will begin providing service at Saudi airports starting this month.


The NEWPORT bus features full air brakes, tilt on both sides, a body lowering and raising system, and front and rear disc brakes.

The bus has 6 doors and can transport 110 passengers, 12 of whom are seated.

The company displayed the bus, which was produced with local resources, for the first time at the Busworld bus exhibition, which was held in Belgium in 2017.

BMC meets the need for airport buses used for the safe and comfortable transportation of passengers between aircraft and gates, and has become the second largest manufacturer in Europe in this field.