Turkey.. Expectations to harvest 2.7 million tons of cotton


Jafar Murt, a member of the Research and Consultation Authority at the National Cotton Council of Turkey, said that they expect to harvest two million and 750 thousand tons of cotton by the end of this year.


He added that Turkey witnessed this year the cultivation of 550,000 hectares of cotton throughout the country.

He explained that the cultivation of cotton, which he described as a “very strategic product”, increased by a large percentage during 2022 in Turkey, after it was planted last year on an area of ​​432,000 hectares.

“Mart” reported that 8 types of local cotton seeds were developed in Hatay Province (south) as a result of research and development work conducted there.


He pointed out that the state of Hatay sells 10,000 tons annually of local cotton seeds inside and outside Turkey.