Turkey continues to attract “floating hotel” ships


Turkey, which is one of the most important marine tourism destinations, continues to attract giant ships known as “floating hotels”.


In an interview, the director of the Aegean Port Koch Adasi in Aydin state, Aziz Gungor, said that cruise tourism began to witness great activity this year, after a period of stagnation for about two years due to the Corona pandemic.

He added that the Turkish coasts are witnessing a large turnout of large cruise ships this season.

He expected that the Koç Adasi port would host about 500 ships carrying about 750 tourists, while the number in all of Turkey was expected to reach a thousand ships and more than 1.5 million tourists.

In turn, the president of MSC Swiss Cruises, Angelo Caporo, said that they docked their ship “MSC Lerissa” in the port of Koc Adasi, expressing his deep gratitude for that.

He pointed out that the Koç Adasi port is one of the best Mediterranean ports, which makes Turkey one of the preferred destinations for cruise ships.


He added that their ship “MSC Fantasia” will pass from the ports of Istanbul and Izmir next September.

He added that their company plans to direct trips with larger ships to Turkey in the coming periods.

Pointing out that it is expected that the ship “MSC Musica” will pass through the port of Koch Adasi next year, and can accommodate 3,400 tourists.