Turkey… Commemorating the 107th Anniversary of the Victory in Çanakkale


On Friday, Turkey celebrates Martyrs’ Day (18 March) and the 107th anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Çanakkale.

The city is witnessing celebrations in coordination between the state and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the Republic Square in the Wilayat of Çanakkale.


The celebrations are expected to begin with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan laying a wreath in front of the statue of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and the TGI Anadolu warship will launch 21 artillery shells on the occasion of the anniversary.

And then standing for a minute of silence in honor of the martyrs of the battle of Çanakkale and raising the Turkish flag while playing the national anthem.

A number of ships will also participate in the events, while the “Turkish Stars” team will present an air show.

In turn, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar congratulated the 107th anniversary of the victory of Çanakkale Bahri.

He said in a statement published on this occasion, “The spirit of struggle that appeared in Çanakkale against those who want to colonize our homeland, rule our nation on earth and erase it from the stage of history, is the condition of our existence today as it was yesterday.”


Akar had mercy on the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the sovereignty and independence of the Turkish people.

He added, “This victory was achieved through the sacrifices of our heroes coming from every part of the Ottoman geography, the shoulder-to-shoulder struggle of the army and the people, and the spirit of national unity.”

Akar stressed that the heroes of the noble Turkish people, who adopted the sovereign and independent life as a character of life throughout their glorious history, showed the whole world that it is not possible to bypass Çanakkale against those who tried to invade our homeland a century ago.


For his part, the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, Mustafa Şentop, stressed that Turkey is the eternal homeland of the Turkish people, adding that the great responsibility that the sacrifices of the martyrs necessitate is to work hard and diligently for the prosperity of the country.

He said, “This land, in whose sky the flag flutters freely with a star and a crescent, is our eternal home.”

Şentop has mercy on the souls of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to preserve their homeland and on all those who contributed to the victory of the Battle of Çanakkale, led by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

On March 18 of each year, Turkey commemorates the anniversary of the victory of the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Çanakkale in 1915 against the Allies.


Where British, French, New Zealand and Australian forces tried to occupy Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire at the time, and the attempt failed.

The battle that took place in the Gallipoli area in Canakkale was a turning point in favor of the Turks, as they defeated the allied forces during the First World War.