Turkey.. Cappadocia received 250 thousand tourists during November


The tourist area of ​​Cappadocia in the central state of Nosehir, Turkey, received 242,826 tourists last November.

The state of Noshahir said in a statement on Tuesday that 242,826 tourists visited Cappadocia during the past month.


The Zloh archaeological site topped the list of the most visited destinations in Cappadocia, with 73,989 visitors.

While 67,888 tourists visited the Gourami Open Air Museum, and the underground city of Kimakli, 35,194 tourists.

The Cappadocia region is in the middle of 5 Turkish states: Nosehir, Karsehir, Nigde, Aksari, and Kayseri. It is also characterized by beautiful nature.

Cappadocia has gained worldwide fame in the field of tourism, thanks to its classification by the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization “UNESCO” as a World Heritage Site.

Cappadocia is famous for its underground cities and “fairy chimneys” or what is called in the Arab deserts “devil’s tables”, which were formed as a result of sculpture and erosion factors.


In addition to the historical places, local and foreign tourists enjoy seeing the picturesque views of the area from the sky by balloon flights.

And spread in Cappadocia antique architectural models of houses and churches that ancient peoples carved in the rock, and remained a witness to the civilization of its time.