Turkey.. “Byblostepe” Ski Center in Kars regains its activity


The Jbeil Tepe Ski Center in Kars, the northeastern Turkey, has resumed its seasonal activity this week, following heavy snowfall in the area.


The center includes 10 ski tracks with a total length of 33 km on the slopes of the mountain to be a suitable destination for ski enthusiasts.

The supervisors of the center completed all the necessary preparations for the new season.

In his speech, Kamal Sunmaz, general manager of a hotel in the Jbeil Tepe Center, said that the region has recently witnessed heavy snowfall.

He added that the amount of snow that fell is currently sufficient for the start of the ski season in the center.

The Jbeiltepe Center is one of the most prominent ski destinations in Turkey, offering its visitors various activities in the winter season.


“Jebel Tepe” is located among the forests of “Sari Cham” on Mount “Jamurlu” in the “Sari Qamish” district, at an altitude of 2,634 meters above sea level.