Turkey.. Balloon trips to discover the beauty of nature in “Uzungöl”


Tourists coming to the Uzungöl Lake tourist area in the state of Trabzon in northern Turkey have a unique opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes from the air via hot air balloons, which were previously limited to the Cappadocia region.

Yetkin Inan, director of one of the tourism companies in the region, explained that he agreed with a balloon company in Cappadocia and brought two balloons to the region about 10 days ago to give tourists the opportunity to have this unique experience.

He pointed out that through balloons, tourists can now see the rich vegetation, the lake and the natural forests from the air in Uzungöl.

He noted that the balloon rises to between 30 and 60 meters during the tour.

Lake Uzungöl attracts tourists from all over the world, especially those coming from Arab countries, as it is famous for its dense forests and plant richness and enjoys various tourist facilities. Visitors also enjoy various tourist activities such as riding water bikes and skydiving.