Turkey.. “Bahri titan” adds beauty to the beaches of “Sakarya”


The endangered “marine titan”, also known as the “sand lily”, gives a breathtaking beauty to the beaches of the state of “Sakarya” in northwestern Turkey.

In order to maintain its presence, the authorities impose a fine of 80,000 liras (one dollar is equivalent to about 17.91 Turkish liras) on whoever picks the “Bahri titan”.


Turkish authorities also place explanatory regulations at various points along the beach in order to warn visitors not to tamper with these bright white flowers.

The “Sea-Tetan” flower, which is an endemic plant species, is at the same time under close protection by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

These flowers bloom along the shores of Kocaeli district during the months of July and August of each year to add beauty and splendor to the area.

Ahmed Agar, head of Sakarya’s Koca Ali municipality, said that the flowers of the “Bahri titan” began to adorn the coast of the district, which is 16 km long.


Ajar indicated that the municipal teams are transporting these flowers from residential areas to the coast as part of the measures taken to protect them and ensure their further spread.