Turkey attracts $4.8 billion in international direct investment


Engin Aksoy, Chairman of the Association of International Investors (YASED), said that direct international investments to Turkey amounted to 4.8 billion dollars in the first half of this year.

He explained that $2.5 billion of those investments are capital flows such as acquisitions, mergers or startups.

He added that with the increase in macroeconomic stability in the coming months, expectations indicate an additional investment capital inflow of at least $7.1 billion.


Aksoy stated that Turkey aims to obtain a share of 1.5 percent of global direct international investment flows, stressing that the current figures do not fully reflect Turkey’s potential.

He added that the European Union countries occupied the first place with a share of 59 percent of all investments that came to Turkey since 2002.

The Netherlands came first with a share of 23 percent, followed by Russia with 15 percent, the UAE with 13 percent, Germany with 7 percent and Ireland with 7 percent.