Turkey arrests 7 suspected of collecting information for Mossad


The Turkish authorities arrested 7 people on Tuesday on suspicion of collecting and selling information for the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad).

This came in a joint operation between the Turkish Intelligence Service and the Istanbul Security Directorate, according to what security sources said.

Initial investigations showed that the suspect, Hamza Turhan Ayberk, is a former government employee and communicates with the Mossad through a woman named Victoria.

“Ayberk”, who appeared several times on television talk shows on Turkish channels, was found to be working as an “informant” for the Mossad.

He used a group of government employees in his activities, among whom he formed a network in exchange for money.

According to investigations, IBRC was tasked with collecting information about people and companies from the Middle East for the Mossad.

The beginning of Iberk’s involvement in working for the Mossad dates back to 2019, when he underwent Israeli training in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and was then assigned some “simple tasks.”

Later, under the guidance of the Mossad, AIBRIC began using encrypted and secret communication applications, while adopting digital currencies for payment to avoid entering the official records department.

In addition to leaking information, Iberk was also involved in surveillance and threatening activities on behalf of the Mossad.

He placed tracking devices on the cars of the targeted people, and these devices transmitted the locations of these people directly to Israeli intelligence.

It was also found that the suspect harassed the targeted people and even directed threats to them from time to time.