Turkey and Iraq renew their commitment in the field of water


In its second meeting, the Joint Permanent Committee of Turkey and Iraq renewed the two countries’ commitment to cooperation in the field of water.

According to diplomatic sources, the second meeting of the joint committee was held in Baghdad on July 1, with the participation of representatives from the relevant ministries in both countries.

At the meeting, additional steps were taken to define a common vision and roadmap for the efficient use of water, taking into account challenges such as climate change and population growth.

The meeting was attended by a delegation consisting of high-level officials from all Turkish executive institutions working in the field of water, and they stressed the importance of continuing the work of the committee.

The committee discussed many issues, including reusing wastewater and developing joint projects on issues such as reducing evaporation in dams, increasing water efficiency in agriculture, and operating a joint flow monitoring station in the Khabur River.

During Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan’s visit to Iraq in August 2023, the two countries agreed to form the Joint Permanent Committee in order to further develop cooperation in the field of water on an institutional, sustainable and scientific basis.

The committee’s first meeting was held in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in November 2023.