The terrorist “PKK” uses civilians as human shields in northern Iraq


The terrorist organization “PKK” resorted to using civilians as human shields, in a move to successfully stop the continuous military operations of the Turkish army in northern Iraq.

In the “Amidy” area of ​​the Iraqi city of Dohuk, the residents are demanding an end to the presence of the terrorist “PKK” there.


In his speech, Adnan Sanji, a resident of the area, said that the terrorist “PKK” has recently resorted to using civilians as human shields to prevent Turkish air attacks.

He added that Amedi’s approximately 5,000 residents are concerned about this.

He explained that many residents of the area were forced to leave their areas and migrate to safe places due to the harassment and practices of the terrorist organization.

He pointed out that the displaced are ready to return to their areas in the event that the threat of the terrorist organization is removed.


In turn, Sedqi Narawi, Secretary of the Dohuk Provincial Council, said that the residents of “Amidy” have suffered great damage due to the terrorist practices of the “PKK”.

He added that the terrorist organization has prevented residents from living a normal life for nearly 31 years.

As for Mohsen Dosky, a representative from Dohuk in the parliament of the northern Iraqi region, he said that the terrorist organization targets civilians in the region.


He added that the residents are ready to return to their homes from which they were displaced in the absence of the presence of the terrorist “PKK” and the establishment of security.