The possibility of extending the grain shipment agreement is “slim”


Russian presidential spokesman (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov said that the extension of the agreement to ship grain from Ukraine’s ports across the Black Sea “seems insignificant in the current situation.”

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Peskov attributed this to the fact that the part related to Russia of the grain shipment agreement has not been implemented yet.

He continued, “The part of the agreement related to Russia has not been implemented, and no agreement can stand on one leg, rather it must stand on two legs, and in this regard, the possibility of extending the agreement is slim in the current situation.”


The Russian presidential spokesman stated that his country is aware of the efforts made by the United Nations to activate the part of the agreement relating to Russia.

On July 22, 2022, Istanbul witnessed the signing of the “Initiative Document for Safe Shipping of Grains and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports” between Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations.

The agreement included securing stranded grain exports in Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea (eastern Europe) to address the global food shortage, which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe.