The number of coronavirus cases has fallen to 5,000 in Turkey


During the past 24 hours, 4,891 new cases and 461 new patients were discovered, and 55 people died due to the Coronavirus.

As Turkey’s daily coronavirus schedule is shared from the address ““.


Accordingly, 223,782 tests were conducted for COVID-19 in Turkey in the past 24 hours.

The result of the examination was positive for 4,891 people, 55 people died, and 461 patients were registered.

The number of seriously ill patients has also reached 697, and the number of people who have recovered after the end of COVID-19 treatment has reached 5 thousand, and 352 people have increased to 5 million 305 thousand and 856.

The number of examinations reached 61 million and 236 thousand and 294, and the number of cases reached 5 million and 435 thousand and 831, and the number of deaths reached 49 thousand and 829.


According to the weekly data, this week’s pneumonia rate among patients was 3.7%, and the bed occupancy rate was 52.4%.

The adult ICU occupancy rate is 61.5%, the ventilator occupancy rate is 28.1%, the average contact discovery time is 8 hours, and the filiation rate is 99.9%.