The Nobel Prizes for Medicine 2021: Two Americans share the award


American scientists David Julius and Erdem Patbutian won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discoveries of heat and touch receptors.


In Monday’s statement, Thomas Perelman, chair of the Nobel Committee, announced that physicist Julius, molecular biologist, and neuroscientist Patabutian had won the prize.

He reported that Julius and Patabotian had uncovered “one of the mysteries of nature by elucidating the molecular basis for sensing heat, cold and mechanical force.”

Last year, Britain’s Michael Hughton, Americans Harvey Alter, and Charles Rice won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Because of their contributions to the studies, they conducted in the field of cells for their efforts to discover the hepatitis C virus (HCV).


111 Nobel Prizes in Medicine have been awarded since 1901, and 12 women have been among the winners.

The youngest winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine is Frederic Banting, 32, for his discovery of insulin in 1923.